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Abyssinian 90

American Bobtail 15

American Curl 55

American Polydactal 11

American Shorthair 14

American Wirehair 2

Asian 6

Australian Mist 11

Australian Tiffanies 5

Balinese 35

Bambino 4

Bengal 343

Birman 154

Bombay 17

Brazilian Shorthair 2

British Shorthair 339

Burmese 71

Burmilla 21

Chantilly/Tiffany 1

Chartreux 3

Chausies 1

Cornish Rex 50

Cymric 4

Desert Lynx 9

Devon Rex 46

Egyptian Mau 15

European Burmese 10

Exotic Shorthair 248

Foldex 4

Havana Brown 7

Highland Lynx 8

Highlander 15

Himalayan 245

Japanese Bobtail 9

Javanese 4

Jungle Curl 1

Korat 21

Kurilian Bobtail 9

LaPerm 23

Maine Coon 510

Manx 18

Minskin 1

Munchkin 41

Napoleon 14

Norwegian Forest Cat 88

Not listed 3

Ocicat 23

Oriental Longhair 6

Oriental Shorthair 79

Persian 672

Peterbald 19

Pixie-Bob 42

Polydactyl 8

RagaMuffin 15

Ragdoll 407

Russian Blue 40

Safari 3

Savannah 106

Scottish Fold 81

Selkirk Rex 44

Serengeti 3

Serval 3

Siamese 165

Siberian Cat 200

Singapura 16

Skookum 1

Snow-Bob 4

Snowshoe 4

Sokoke 5

Somali 15

Sphynx 232

Thai Cats 6

Thai Lilac 1

Tibetan Cats 3

Tonkinese 21

Toyger 6

Traditional Siamese 17

Turkish Angora 23

Turkish Van 20

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Ragdoll catteries

number of catteries 407
Dollywood Australia New South Wales
Ragenesque Australia New South Wales
GuysnDolls Australia Queensland
Lil Angels Australia Queensland
Macujo Ragdolls Australia Queensland
Purshantys Australia Queensland
Ragaluvin Ragdolls Australia Queensland
Amberglade Australia South Australia
mikidz ragdolls Australia South Australia
Roxyrags Australia South Australia
Tanjirra Ragdolls Australia South Australia
Ragadale & Bengaldale Australia Tasmania
Silvercloud Australia Tasmania
Drouindolls Australia Victoria
Rosecoloured Ragdolls Australia Victoria
Trumagik Ragdolls Australia Victoria
RIVENDOLL RAGDOLLS Australia Western Australia
Rivendoll Ragdolls Australia Western Australia
SHREDODA Australia Western Australia
Carpe Diem Austria
Calaquendi Belgium
Paramountcy Dolls Belgium
Starlicious Belgium
AllThoseKittens Cattery


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Gatil Ragbelas Brazil
Rainbow Canada Alberta
Marisa Ragdolls Canada British Columbia
Okanagan Ragdolls Canada British Columbia
Ridge Rags Canada British Columbia
Palace Dolls Canada Manitoba
Pawz N' Klawz Canada Nova Scotia
Aden Ragdoll Canada Ontario
Aden Ragdoll Cats Canada Ontario
Aracattarags Canada Ontario
Beautiful Ragdolls Canada Ontario
Caelestis Canada Ontario
Dahliadolls Canada Ontario
Dahliadolls Ragdolls Canada Ontario
Floppycats Canada Ontario
Joan's Fancy Ragdoll House (JFRH) Canada Ontario
Karanchoe Canada Ontario
LaCat Dolls Canada Ontario
Lions Royale Ragdolls Canada Ontario
Lions Royale Ragdolls Canada Ontario
Marl Creek Canada Ontario
Ok Valley Ragdolls Canada Ontario
Pride Ragdolls Canada Ontario
Rag-A-Bye Ragdolls Canada Ontario
Ragdoll Fantasy Canada Ontario
Ragenesque Ragdolls Canada Ontario
Ragga Royale Canada Ontario
RaggaRoyale Ragdolls Canada Ontario
RaggaRoyale Ragdolls Canada Ontario
RaggleRock Canada Ontario
Ragkitty Canada Ontario
Ragtown Ragdolls Canada Ontario
Ragtown Ragdolls Cattery


We are a small in Home Cattery who take the Health and Welfare of our Cats to Heart.We are Located 30 minutes from Detroit Michigan on the Canadian side of the Border giving us access to both side of 2 Country's.All our Cats are DNA Tested Healthy before being matched and Bred.Happy Families is our #1 Goal.
website   email
Diamondsun Canada Prince Edward Island
Chatouille Canada Quebec
Heavensent Dolls Canada Saskatchewan
Azrag Bey Czech Republic
De Borgione Czech Republic
Faelis Czech Republic
LegendaBastet Czech Republic
Ragdolls of Eulalie Czech Republic
SILKICAT Czech Republic
Bounty Denmark
Camelot Treasure Denmark
Chardani Denmark
Klippeøen's Denmark
Ranchs Ragdolls Denmark
Mirandos Finland
de Labouygues France
Bobobären Germany
Chat Botté Germany
Ciara´s Ragdolls Germany
Ededoll Germany
Lenitas Germany
Los Mejores Ragdolls Germany
Ragdolls von Tijuan Germany
Catzmap Hong Kong
Funny Dolls Hong Kong
Daisy Dolls Hungary
Almadolls Italy
AnkaraPerl Italy
Bambole Italy
Calemon Italy
MioRe Italy
Shappiredolls Italy
Silmarilions Italy
Sweetdolls Italy
Chrysoberyl Netherlands
Nalisca Netherlands
van Crownborgh Netherlands
Caitha Joithi Netherlands
Chanidolls Netherlands
Chanta-Moni Netherlands
Cincuenta Y Cinco Netherlands
De Doeda's Netherlands
De Wiesewoesels Netherlands
Flufyluf Netherlands
from Lihdanfurt Netherlands
Koppie Right Netherlands
Le Petit Chebbelas Netherlands
Magic Spring's Netherlands
Mashager Netherlands
Millsheath Netherlands
Nipajergo Netherlands
Nipajergo Netherlands
one can admire Netherlands
Perfect Match Netherlands
Phenomenon Netherlands
Ragdoll Perfect Match Netherlands
Rags to Riches Netherlands
Rosevalleyrags Netherlands
Rosevalleyrags Netherlands
The Furballs Netherlands
The Plush Wealth Netherlands
The Plush Wealth Netherlands
van de Binnendijk Netherlands
Zenzidolls Netherlands
Aurorapetz New Zealand
Camjabr New Zealand
Eden-Lea Ragdoll Kittens New Zealand
Jaymlyn New Zealand
(N) Azzi's Norway
RisingStars 888 Phillippines
Charming Eyes*PL Poland
Dom Elzy Poland
Ragdolls*PL Poland
Ragissa*Pl Poland
Diane's Pride Portugal
Ragdoll Puerto Rico
Elian Rags Romenia
Catwhizzkerz Singapore
Temasek Singapore
Luxus Slovenia
Raglin Ragdolls South Africa
Busibu Spain
Busibu Spain
Tatjana's Spain
Unreal Ragdolls Spain
Akiram's Sweden
Amazing Dollz Sweden
Cas-Sus Sweden
Hvenhilda's Sweden
Kittah Mun-Ha Sweden
Par i Ess Sweden
Pocahontas Sweden
Pocahontas Sweden
S*Abayomis Sweden
S*Bebble´s Sweden
S*Evenstar's Sweden
S*My Friend Sweden
S*TiKeJs Sweden
Tallkottens Sweden
Belambria's Switzerland
The Royal Rag's Switzerland
Bridol Cats United Kingdom
Cattitude Ragdolls United Kingdom
Cerinda Cats United Kingdom
Doromas United Kingdom
Eiserblew United Kingdom
Jaxgals United Kingdom
Jazzamor United Kingdom
Kefira United Kingdom
Parkers United Kingdom
Ragaddict United Kingdom
Sueragdandy United Kingdom
Swansea Ragz United Kingdom
Valleycat United Kingdom
Angel Ragdolls USA Alabama
Bama Rags USA Alabama
Plush Palace USA Alabama
Arizona USA Arizona
Dixie Willow USA Arizona
Dulcedolls USA Arizona
Ragdoll Cats 1 USA Arizona
Dollmakker USA Arkansas
RitzNRagdolls USA Arkansas
RitzNRagdolls USA Arkansas
AdorableDolls USA California
AmorusAngels USA California
Angel Haven Dolls USA California
Barsadolls USA California
Bridalveil USA California
C and R Ragdolls USA California
Calirags USA California
Celtic Ragdolls USA California
Dkotablu USA California
Dreamdolls USA California
Enchantacats USA California
Fatcatrags USA California
Hushabyerags USA California
Kitn Smitn USA California
Mtn Spring USA California
Ragbencher USA California
Ragdoll Angels USA California
Ragmeister USA California
Ragnarok USA California
Ragpride USA California
Razl Dazl Doll USA California
River City Rags USA California
Rock Creek Ranch USA California
SF Exclusives USA California
SpiceDolls USA California
Stardolls USA California
Sugarplum USA California
West Coast Rags USA California
www.celticragdolls.com USA California
Calliope Cat USA Colorado
Overland Trail USA Colorado
SolidRock USA Colorado
BellaPalazzo USA Connecticut
BluBerri Cottage USA Connecticut
The Ragdoll Boutique USA Connecticut
Abadabadolls USA Florida
Absolutedolls USA Florida
Bordeaux USA Florida
Bragdolls USA Florida
Darkmoon USA Florida
Islandols Ragdolls USA Florida
Ragdoll USA Florida
RaggleDazzle USA Florida
Rags2Dazzle USA Florida
Rujam USA Florida
SiamBaliRags USA Florida
Simonsezz USA Florida
Sunny Park Ragolls USA Florida
Cats R Us USA Georgia
Dixie Meows USA Georgia
GA Southern Dolls USA Georgia
Pinkerton USA Georgia
Pinkerton Ragdolls USA Georgia
Ridgecreek USA Georgia
SoSweetRags USA Georgia
Starlit Sky USA Georgia
Catlana's USA Idaho
Raggleberry Rags USA Idaho
Angel Spun Rags USA Illinois
Chicago Ragdolls USA Illinois
Chicago Ragdolls USA Illinois
Dr. J's Perfect USA Illinois
LeCapri Ragdolls USA Illinois
Luv to Love Rags USA Illinois
Mewlan Rooge USA Illinois
Purrfect Dolls USA Illinois
A River Ragdoll USA Indiana
Lana's Ragdolls USA Indiana
Woodland Dolls USA Indiana
Brier Rose USA Iowa
Celestrail Cats USA Iowa
Raymond Ragdolls USA Iowa
Riverdolls USA Iowa
Lastat's USA Kansas
Keepurrs USA Kentucky
Kentucky Dolls USA Kentucky
Picture Purrfect USA Kentucky
Barbidolz USA Maine
BeechRidge USA Maine
Kingfield USA Maine
Mainely Country USA Maine
Whimbrel Ragdolls USA Maine
Castletopdolls USA Maryland
Dazzling Ragdolls USA Maryland
DC Dolls USA Maryland
Old Line Ragdolls USA Maryland
Undeniably Dolls USA Maryland
Whiskers 'n Tails USA Maryland
CameoDolls USA Massachusetts
Cherryhill USA Massachusetts
DolFinns USA Massachusetts
Lords & Ladies Ragdoll USA Massachusetts
Radiant Rags USA Massachusetts
Rhetorical USA Massachusetts
rhetorical ragdolls USA Massachusetts
Romantic Rags USA Massachusetts
Willow Tree Rags USA Massachusetts
Wimpole Street USA Massachusetts
Fluffy Luv Ragdolls USA Michigan
Kissykat Ragdolls USA Michigan
Kittyhaven USA Michigan
Michicats USA Michigan
Purrs-A-Plenty USA Michigan
SignatureRags USA Michigan
Superior USA Michigan
SuPurr Ragdolls USA Michigan
USA Ragdolls USA Michigan
Country Rags USA Minnesota
Crystal Catzz USA Minnesota
Kelly's Ragdolls USA Minnesota
Raynbows Ragdoll USA Minnesota
Riches to Rags USA Minnesota
Rose Hill Rags USA Minnesota
Suntana Rags USA Montana
Ragdoll Island USA Nabraska
Ragsinebra USA Nabraska
Rockin N Rags USA Nabraska
Sandhillrags USA Nabraska
Cathedral Ragdolls USA New Hampshire
Foss Mountain Farm USA New Hampshire
Mysticdolls USA New Hampshire
BluefyreDolls USA New Jersey
Briadolls USA New Jersey
Carols Special Ragdolls USA New Jersey
DestinyDolls USA New Jersey
Jersey Ragdoll USA New Jersey
Kachina Dolls USA New Mexico
Turtledove USA New Mexico
Blue-eyed USA New York
Donnas Dollys USA New York
Gwennor Ragdolls USA New York
Kims Dolls USA New York
La Casa Dolce USA New York
Long Island Ragdolls USA New York
New York Dolls Ragdoll USA New York
Northwin Ragdolls USA New York
Uptown Dolls USA New York
Villaroyal USA New York
Wilway Dolls USA New York
Kimand Ragdolls USA North Carolina
Magical Ragdolls USA North Carolina
Magical Ragdolls USA North Carolina
Megailee USA North Carolina
Megailee Ragdolls USA North Carolina
Pied Pipurr Ragdolls USA North Carolina
Raggymay USA North Carolina
Sugarbear USA North Carolina
Velvet Rags USA North Carolina
Grand Harbor USA North Dakota
Blue-Gem Ragdolls USA Ohio
Cashmier USA Ohio
Delightful Dolls USA Ohio
GalaxyRags USA Ohio
Garden Doll USA Ohio
Ohmydolls USA Ohio
Phantasy Cats Cattery


We are a TICA Reg. Cattery located in N.E, Ohio. Our kittens are raised in our home with love. Stunning blue eyed kittens with soft "bunny-like" coats. Excellent pedigrees and super sweet!
website   email
Wrightragdolls USA Ohio
Blue Reign Ragdolls USA Oklahoma
Familytime Rags USA Oklahoma
Maple Leaf USA Oklahoma
Vonjo Ragdolls USA Oklahoma
Catillac Cats USA Oregon
Cudlkty USA Oregon
Dragon Heart USA Oregon
My Ragdoll Heaven USA Oregon
Oregon Ragdolls USA Oregon
Ragtime Blues USA Oregon
Rose City Ragdolls USA Oregon
Belshore USA Pennsylvania
BhindBluEyes USA Pennsylvania
Coal Region USA Pennsylvania
Dollinska USA Pennsylvania
Glen's Ragdoll USA Pennsylvania
Heatherhill USA Pennsylvania
Jazzmania USA Pennsylvania
Medieval USA Pennsylvania
Noahs Angels USA Pennsylvania
RoyalDolls USA Pennsylvania
Sundancedolls USA Pennsylvania
Austin Farm USA Rhode Island
Galactic Rags USA Rhode Island
Kasseldolls USA Rhode Island
Clarkston Rags USA South Carolina
Coopercatz USA South Carolina
Sandolls USA South Carolina
Trexdolls USA South Carolina
Belilarags USA Tennessee
Heartstrings USA Tennessee
Abundantly Blessed USA Texas
Catbird & Co USA Texas
Confettidolz USA Texas
Desert Cattails USA Texas
Lullaby USA Texas
Raynehart USA Texas
Ribbons 'N Rags USA Texas
Texas Renaissance USA Texas
Txragkitty USA Texas
Txragkitty USA Texas
Victorian Treasure USA Utah
Victorian Treasure Ragdolls USA Utah
Cozycreek USA Vermont
Boys N Rags USA Virginia
Dollheaven USA Virginia
Heart N Soul USA Virginia
Vunderland USA Virginia
Angelight USA Washington
Jackknife Mountain USA Washington
Longfellow USA Washington
Purrty Ragdolls USA Washington
Ragnificent Ragdolls USA Washington
Shoshannah USA Washington
EmberHearth USA West Virginia
Angelheart USA Wisconsin
Beyond the Valley USA Wisconsin
Catastrophe-Lonerock USA Wisconsin
Elitedolls USA Wisconsin
MyLoveTails USA Wisconsin
Purrfect Joy USA Wisconsin
Riley's Ragdolls USA Wisconsin
Rouletii Ragdolls USA Wisconsin
SpringVale Dolls USA Wisconsin
Koal Kountry Kritters USA Wyoming
Raghill USA Wyoming